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On Tour: Middle East - Africa

Hoping to discover the most eye-watering views that all the lands (and seas) have to offer, whilst Africa was an obvious choice, a mid-way detour excursion across the Middle East was sure to add culture-seeking excitement levels. A circular route that included over 12,000 miles travel distance, our Grand Tour delivered expectations.

Ft: Rope Bracelet  |  Silver Bangle

The Grand Tour

On Tour: Iceland

From one awesome continent to another. Three Californians and Texans flew out to Iceland courtesy of ANCHOR & CREW, leaving behind the desert sun, VW campervan road trips, sunflower fields and evenings down by the lake in pursuit of everything beautiful that the mysterious Nordic landmass offers.

Ft: Leather Bracelet  |  Stone Bracelet

Inspired By Iceland

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Leather / Rope / Stone / Gold / Silver Jewellery, Made Exclusively From Recycled Precious Metals - 100%. One Hundred Percent

Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, ANCHOR & CREW is multi-award winning ever since 2014 and believes in having a highly ethical and traceable supply chain. With fans in over 85 countries, ANCHOR & CREW is particularly known for our anchor, rope and mens leather bracelets, amongst others.

At ANCHOR & CREW every product is handcrafted by celebrated craftsmen to ensure our high standards of quality. Operating a truly ethical, traceable and transparent supply chain with materials sourced from highly conscious sources, we are driven to empower our customers to make the right choice with the right information and enact change within our industry. Our rope is hand wound, certified Navy grade and used by the GB Royal Navy, our silver and gold is 100% recycled .925 sterling and 9ct respectively - hallmarked accordingly -, our leather (hide and stingray) is natural and genuine, our natural stones entirely authentic, and all other subsidiary materials are of artisan materiality and character.

As well as exclusively using 100% recycled precious metals, ANCHOR & CREW is also not a jewellery brand that processes silver or gold coating of a base metal such as stainless steel or copper to create products with perceived added value. We're open to publish that there are many well-known jewellery and trusted fashion brands that do this, yet list their jewellery items online with comparative prices and ambiguous material descriptions only for their customers to realise their product degrading in months to come. For us, honesty to materials is key, and only solid precious metals provide lasting durability, quality as well as value.

Together, craftsmanship, transparency and sustainability efforts epitomise ANCHOR & CREW. Handcrafted in Great Britain.

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