Anchor And Crew In Iceland

Iceland. Our Inspiration

From one awesome continent to another. Three highly talented Californian and Texan professional photographers flew out to polar-conditioned Iceland courtesy of ANCHOR & CREW, leaving behind the desert sun, VW campervan road trips, sunflower fields and evenings down by the lake complete with laughter and sunburn. In pursuit of everything beautiful that the mysterious Nordic landmass offers, has the North European island left a mark in their memories forever?

With the Californian team all well-experienced wayfarers, and having carefully chosen a quality selection of their favourite ANCHOR & CREW accessories to pack as trip essentials, the trio certainly made the most of their visit to Iceland; an island well worth an entry onto anyone's 'bucket list'.

Exploring The Nordic Landscape
Visiting Iceland Swimming Pools

Icelandic Travel x Style Pack

An experience complete with barren tundra and expansive plateaux, volcanic backdrops and a whole host of fjords, glaciers and waterfalls, Iceland's lack of inhabitancy is made up for in natural beauty. With the Atlantic Ocean not too far away, the temperature was a sizzling 8 Degrees Celsius and it's unpredictable weather was rather predictable in mildness and rain./p>

Despite all this (natural awesomeness), such conditions were far from a distraction as we found all the fun; our main advice: pack warm. To this day, the Icelandic natural landscape continues to be an inspiration for ANCHOR & CREW.

Mixing Bracelets With Ice

As Cold As Ice

Travelling on all the winding roads, wandering along many rockfaces, dipping in all the discovered water tubs (warm, supposedly?) and experiencing the ice cold blocks of err, ice, the team's favourite ANCHOR & CREW accessories were continually enjoyed. With much of our inspiration coming from Nordic countries' landscapes, the ANCHOR & CREW aesthetic is casual, smart-casual and smart, all bundled together and achieved in our understated minimal style.

Iceland Ice Waterfalls Landscape
Barren Iceland Landscape
Bathing In The Great Outdoors Iceland
Natures Earth Bracelets
Warm Iceland Airplane Sunset

The Beauty In Barren

Exploring the Earth in it's true sense, whether stood firmly on the ground or sat upon a (safe) rock overlooking beautiful waterfalls, the team were able to enjoy endless views that provide all sorts of inspiration to the ANCHOR & CREW design and workshop team.

The Fern Green Dundee Silver and Leather Bracelet matches nature wonderfully, coupled with an even more natural Black Onyx Port Silver and Stone Bracelet. With green becoming increasingly popular and black an ever-present favourite, such a colour combination is ideal for any occasion. In attempt to replicate this scene, please note that an Icelandic bath tub in the middle of absolutely no-where and long hair are not included in any purchase. Whiskey and/or strong willpower is also encouraged.

Anchor And Crew As Styled Bracelets Iceland

Wayfarer's Bracelets

Having traversed the entire island, it was Solheimasandur Beach that boasted the best sunset and Jokulsarlon the best blocks of ice. Feeling on top of the world, the combination of sun and ice is really quite something. Putting both the Brown Admiral Silver and Leather Bracelet and the Dark Brown Clyde Silver and Leather Bracelet to the test, they just look so great - even if we do say so ourselves -, even when wet! Matching the Blue Sodalite Keel Silver and Stone Bracelet with a Fern Green Liverpool Silver and Leather Bracelet is an equally cool style (sorry, we couldn't not include this pun).

Too, the Fern Green Padstow Silver and Leather Bracelet is stacked with a Blue Noir Dundee Silver and Rope Bracelet. Both firm favourites at ANCHOR & CREW, these unisex styles are perfect in making that smart-casual look complete. Not everything has to come in pairs, however: the Black Onyx Starboard Silver and Stone Bracelet is worn singularly and it's simple style is...simply stylish. Engineered with double-layered elastic nylon thread, even the harshest of Icelandic conditions prove no issue for our quality manufacture.

Rope And Silver Anchor Bracelets Holding Ice
Viewing The Icelandic Tundra
Cool Iceland Lakes Bracelet As Worn
Overlooking Iceland Tundra
Smart Casual Bracelets In Iceland

Rugged x Dramatic Landscape

The Dark Brown Clyde Silver and Leather Bracelet is matched with a Dark Brown Clipper Silver and Leather Bracelet to be the ideal smart-casual combination. Why is he wearing a shirt? With no formal event booked in to be attended during the visit - not to the captain's knowledge anyway -, we'll roll with ANCHOR & CREW's ability to suit any smart-casual style.

With a copious amount of black sand beaches providing continually awe-inspiring views, it was the team's experience of Reykjanes' blue lagoons that complete the documentation of such a fantastic place. As rugged as it is dramatic, the geothermic wonder epitomises everything amazing about Iceland.

p.s. Iceland's lighthouses are cute, and sorry, no penguins live there.