1 Year Ampersand Guarantee And Care Advice

Warranty & Materials

Every original ANCHOR & CREW jewellery, accessory and leather good comes with a one year brand warranty against manufacture defects from date of purchase. Though we have every confidence that all our products are of the highest quality, issues inevitably occur from time to time. Please note, proper care should be taken to maintain your product(s)' high quality and life-long durability, and that this guarantee does not cover against damage that has occurred due to maltreatment or normal wear and tear.

A great amount of energy is placed into the completion of any product's design and manufacturing, where all our raw materials are sourced locally and our team actively supports fellow manufacturers, consequently ensuring that our high quality is maintained. For our jewellery accessories, our rope is hand wound, certified Navy grade and used by the GB Royal Navy, our silver and gold is 100% recycled .925 sterling and 9ct respectively - hallmarked accordingly -, our leather (hide and stingray) is natural and genuine, and our natural stones entirely authentic. Equally so, our leather goods are manufactured from the highest of quality Spanish bovine vegetable tanned leather or the most durable (and super-soft) type of leather, pigment-dyed. All leather goods will gain natural character through daily use. For all our other accessories, each are manufactured from equally artisan materials such as fine soy wax or Cumbria milled paper; there is no consideration of poor quality.

Quality Promise

ANCHOR & CREW is also not a jewellery brand that processes silver or gold coating of a base metal such as stainless steel or copper to create products with perceived added value. We're open to publish that there are many well-known jewellery and trusted fashion brands that do this, yet list their jewellery items online with comparative prices and ambiguous material descriptions only for their customers to realise their product degrading in months to come. For us, honesty to materials is key, and only solid precious metals provide lasting durability, quality as well as value. Together, craftsmanship, transparency and sustainability efforts epitomise ANCHOR & CREW

Care Advice

Our jewellery and accessory guarantee is honoured by the official guarantee card that you receive within the packaging of any purchase of a genuine ANCHOR & CREW product. Detailed on this card is your Model Number, Date of Purchase and Place of Purchase. Should your item be within it's 1-year brand warranty period, and you wish to return your item for repair or possible replacement, please login to your account area and request a return.

To maintain your product's inherent quality and durability, we advise the following care:

  • Avoid wearing with excessive water or steam contact. The material(s) will show signs of wear over time. Leather should avoid any water contact.
  • Avoid wearing during any sport for personal safety reasons.
  • Avoid spray perfume, hairspray or all types of make-up, as well as coming in contact with cleaning products in case of decolouring the material(s).
  • When your product(s) is not being worn, the presentation packaging will keep your item(s) clean and safe.

For cleaning your accesssory, silver-only parts may be cleaned with either a 'silver cleaning cloth' or water, soap and dried with a soft cloth; the rope is salt-waterproof and thereby most dirt should easily clean off with clean water. We do not recommend cleaning leather via any method due to leather's natural surface finish. Should you wish to contact us to discuss any unique issues or concerns, please contact us online.