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The English Shore Project

Anchor And Crew's Shore Project By The Beach

Exploring Great Britain. The Modern Journeyman's Shore Project

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The English shoreline is world-renown and ANCHOR & CREW believes it's natural beauty should never be ignored or underestimated. Whether the beaches are that of Yorkshire, Wales, Devon or Norfolk (and beyond), Britain should always be proud of it's island's geography. Challenged to discover England's most beautiful coastline, these adventurous Modern Journeymen definitely excelled in delivering a fantastic choice, don't you agree?

With the sun beaming bright at the height of this year's heatwave - hot, wasn't it(!) - these Modern Journeymen travelled their way down to Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall as part of ANCHOR & CREW's Shore Project. A landscape that epitomises Britain's natural beauty, Bedruthan Steps always gives a picture-perfect panoramic view for all of us to enjoy. If you haven't ever been there before, schedule the beauty spot into your calendar, now.

The South West of England is rich with beautiful landscapes: Dorset's Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge, Dartmouth's Start Point Lighthouse, Bridgewater's Nature Reserve Bay and Cornwall's St Agnes Head are all but a small selection of a very long list. Do you have a particular favourite?

Though ANCHOR & CREW and all our styles aren't exclusively for coastal loving fashionistas - we know you know that and we're very sorry that there isn't any secret members club if you live within 20 miles of any coast - these Modern Journeymen quickly discovered a love for all our modern-minimalist styles that are all easy to wear and casual. Particularly perfect in everyone's favourite Summer sunshine, there are many ANCHOR & CREW colourways that could complement the expansive sea view and that great ball of fire up above.

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The English Shore Project's Summer Essentials

Matching Bedruthan Steps' tall cliffs, hidden caves, refreshing blues and delightful sandy-browns were ANCHOR & CREW's jewellery and accessory Summer essentials. The Light Brown Padstow Silver and Braided Leather Bracelet is a very popular ANCHOR & CREW design, whilst all the colourways of the Flotilla Clipper Anchor Bracelet Collection are certainly smart-casual in every sense of the phrase. Also showcasing a Dark Brown Admiral Anchor Silver and Braided Leather Bracelet, don't you agree that everything works oh-so nicely?! Able to match any occasion or place, day or night, which is your favourite ANCHOR & CREW style?

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ANCHOR & CREW are inspired by two notions: 1. Form Follows Function, and; 2. by anything and everything in nature. Putting our chosen English Shore Project accessories to the test, these explorative Modern Journeymen are probably the first to agree that they score highly on both agendas. Never wanting to sacrifice quality either, each of these accessories are entirely handcrafted in Great Britain from sterling silver and some of the finest leathers possible, In Quality We Trust. It is probably time to add an ANCHOR & CREW accessory to your daily-essentials style pack and create your own English Shore Project story.

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Hidden Waterfalls And Caves Of Devon

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