Womens Pineapple Silver Necklace

Wayfaring Scotland

Rugged, handsome and simply breath-taking, Scotland is widely recognised as the world's most beautiful country and such an accolade has now been confirmed with the amazing landscapes of Canada, New Zealand, Italy and South Africa a close second to fifth place. The Spirit of Scotland is something very real, a particular feeling that someone receives when they visit the country and experience all of it's quirks, and ANCHOR & CREW are continually inspired by all of Scotland's mountains, lochs, castles, beaches, forests and even cities (Edinburgh!); rural or urban, Scotland is magnificent.

Wayfaring across some of the most remote places the country has to offer, the Highlands' counties of Ross and Cromarty, Skye and Lochalsh should most definitely be on everyone's 'bucket list'. With the British public so excited this year to visit England's sunkissed beaches, we pursued more elevated aspirations in search of Scotland's finest camera angles.

Scottish Highlands House Architecture
Crossing Rugged Scottish Landscapes
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Scottish Houses
Scotland Highlands Mountains
Simple Styles By Anchor And Crew

Cuaig, Bealach na Ba

A journey that spanned far and wide, it was the Scottish Highland's Applecross Peninsula and across to the Isle of Skye that was most perfect. From Applecross and Cuaig, down to Bealach na Ba and across to Old Man of Storr and the Fairy Pools, what a fantastic place to be found in this world. Who says you need to travel far to find some of the world's most breath-taking views?

The cottages of Fearnmore and looking across Applecross Bay are two views ANCHOR & CREW particularly enjoyed after travelling along many winding roads over all the undulating hillsides. Styling the Blue Noir Delta Anchor Silver and Rope Bracelet as the day's essential accessory, it's aesthetic entirely complemented the deep greens and icy blues of the landscape on show. No cottage (or bracelet) goes unnoticed as you scour the scenery for every last detail.

Overlooking the entirety of the Isle of Skye during the traversing of the rocky terrain up to Old Man of Storr, every second gives us a reminder of just how natural the ANCHOR & CREW Halcyon Natural Stone Bracelet Collection really is. A collection composed entirely of genuine natural stones, the Halcyon bracelet's colour-popping exuberance is nicely captured here against the fantastic blues and browns of Scotland's landscape. From amber to pyrite, agate to garnet, each are your own little piece of earth. Achieving a bold yet minimalist style, have you found your favourite Halcyon natural stone yet?

Scottish Cows

Highland's Natural Playground

An area of the world which can be interpreted in so many ways inside your own imagination, there is little wonder why adrenaline-seekers cannot keep away. The nearest major settlement - Fort William - has been dubbed the 'Outdoor Capital of the UK' and along with all this natural beauty, you can really see why. A visual archive into earth's mysterious past, all of it's unpredictability is undeniably appealing to ANCHOR & CREW's designers and fans alike.

Amidst all the Fairy Pools and crashing waterfalls, the Grape Purple Liverpool Silver and Braided Leather Bracelet looks entirely at home matching the plethora of other natural colours on show. Equally so, a pineapple necklace from the Paradise Necklace Collection is a perfect reminder to live life on the light side and to always have fun. The Scottish Highlands certainly felt like paradise, and there are definitely many places to have fun.

In company of all the Highland cows - they're famous, you know(!) - who were out in their hundreds to welcome all of ANCHOR & CREW's movements, it felt at times that they, too, were interested in our ever-popular Dundee Silver and Rope Bracelets. Super-casual and minimalist, the Dundee bracelet particularly offers our favourite 'Form Follows Function' design aesthetic and it is little wonder the cows were curious (not biased, at all).

Scottish Highlands Waterfalls
Womens Leather Bracelet
Green Leather Bracelet As Worn

Scotland, Ten / Ten

'Which is cooler, braided or flat leather?' is a debate often discussed by everyone at ANCHOR & CREW, but as worn above and below (his and hers, hint, hint), here is a strong vote for the Admiral Anchor Bracelets being perfect as braided. Equally popular by public opinion, we are entirely torn on this matter, but one thing we are entirely certain of is that you really must visit Scotland's Highlands, like now. No, not then, like now, as in right now.

Always wanting more, ANCHOR & CREW are driven to pushing boundaries and creating quality goods that are built to stand the test of time. Proudly handcrafted in Great Britain with fans in 85+ countries around the world, whilst this island might not always be on top form in terms of sunshine and heat, there are tens more characteristics that Great Britain boasts which the rest of the world craves, and the Scottish Highlands is but one example. A campaign tour that has showcased this island with weather somewhat polar to our English Shore Project, aren't Britain's continually changing seasons just so amazing?

The Fern Green Clipper Anchor Silver and Flat Leather Bracelet concludes affairs, but Scotland really couldn't be much more inspiration for us. Scotland and Iceland, ten out of ten from us.