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The Grand Tour. Middle East - Africa

Anchor And Crew Across The Middle East And Africa

Roaming 12,000 Miles, Onwards To East Africa

Middle East | Alone With The Sunrises
Tanzania | Zanzibar Island Awaits
Kenya | A Safari Paradise

Adventure, wonderment and friendship laid ahead as a noteworthy Grand Tour was carefully considered. Hoping to discover the most eye-watering views that all the lands (and seas) have to offer, the inclusion of Africa into any plans seemed only too obvious, but a mid-way detour excursion across the Middle East was sure to increase culture-seeking, adrenaline and excitement levels.

A circular route that included over 12,000 miles (20,000 kilometres) travel distance between all destinations and with a return-journey stopover at Tomorrowland in Belgium to conclude the entire experience, everything about the world famous music festival's slogan of 'Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever' seemed all the more genuine and authentic. A Modern Journeyman's dream, the Grand Tour delivered expectations.

With some of the deserts along the Grand Tour's way known to reach upward of 45-50 Degrees Celcius - a far cry from the typical climates of North Europe - no temperatures are ever too much for an essential ANCHOR & CREW accessory. Matching the White Noir Talbot Silver and Rope Bracelet with a Reynolds Element Midi Geometric Silver Bangle, the peacefulness of the still (though not always) sand dunes reminds us that less is more; in fact, less is always more.

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The Amazements Of Israel, Jordan and Abu Dhabi

Beginning in Tel Aviv and exploring all of the city's markets, beaches and parties, the charm of Old Jaffa and it's winding alleys that were full of Ottoman-era landmarks was an early highlight. Through to Jerusalem and onwards to Masada - the last Jewish fortress against the Roman Empire - such a UNESCO World Heritage site was everything amazing and gave witness to the most spectacular of sunrise experiences. With the Dead Sea in the distance, where do you even begin to look?

Boasting stunning panoramic views no matter which high point you visit, venturing down to the Dead Sea became an excursion for some well-earned relaxation and yes, all of the 'you can actually float on water' rumours are true. Complete with an over-whelming amount of salt crystals (as you'd probably expect), such a natural occurrence was equaled by the climbing to the summit of Machtesch Ramon, the largest erosion crater in the world at 30 miles (40 kilometres) wide. Standing on top of the world (pretty much) how much of a thrill seeker are you?

Tel Aviv Parties And Sunsets
Standing At Machtesch Ramon Crater
Mix And Matching Bracelets For The Casual Way Of Life
An Alternative View Of The Dead Sea

Crossing the international border of Israel to Jordan was certainly a mild experience compared to all those Visa tales-told, but upon successful entry, Wadi Rum was the first destination. Experienced driving skills are certainly encouraged with only bumpy roads present, and you would be totally forgiven for thinking that you had somehow driven to some extra-terrestrial location. The place of filming The Martian, amongst other Hollywood movies, the protected desert wilderness and all it's dramatic sandstone mountains and rocky caverns were full of curiosity and wonder. With little more than fellow tourists for company, it was the local camels and their silhouettes against the mountainous backdrops that became most interesting as the dust settled through the day. Never wanting to sacrifice style at any moment of this journey, the White Noir Talbot Silver and Rope Bracelet and Faris Square Midi Wayfarer Silver Bangle worked well together and particularly complemented a dark chino / casual shirt / Panama hat combination very nicely; the epitome of a Modern Journeyman you could say.

The Camels Of Jordan
The Night Skies Over The Middle East
How Small Is The World?
Exploring The Sands Of Jordan
Anchor And Crew Visiting Petra
The Adventurous Life

Camping overnight in a local Bedouin camp and with excellent food cooked Bedouin style, temperatures dropped quickly as the stunning nightsky came alive; the milky way was visible all night long. Completing the visit to Jordan with an escape to the famous Petra site, an insider tip would be to arrive exceedingly early to have the whole place to yourself; standing alone with one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in front of you, how do you think you'd feel? Just in case you wanted to know, the other six New Wonders of the World include: Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt), The Colosseum (Italy), Chichen Itza (Mexico), Machu Picchu (Peru), Great Wall of China (err, China), The Taj Mahal (India) and Christ the Redeemer (Brazil).

A quick pit stop in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates ensued after an even briefer visit to Amman (the capital of Jordan) and Jerash. Totally mesmerised at how wonderful Abu Dhabi was, a particular highlight here was that of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the country and a key place of worship. Let's first appreciate the floral pattern on the mosque's floor for one moment as the largest marble mosaic in the world, but secondly, with a total capacity of over 40,000 people, we bet that you're now wondering how did we manage to capture a photo (styling an ever-popular Delta Anchor Silver and Leather Bracelet of course) all alone. We'll keep this secret to ourselves...

Visiting The Sheik Zayed Mosque Of Abu Dhabi

Tanzanian Travels. Dreaming of Zanzibar

Not a conventional route by any means, East Africa was the next destination of the Grand Tour. With some fantastic 'bucket list' adventures ticked off already, what is often regarded as 'true Africa' was next to be witnessed. Sadly abundant with poor families, taxi Mafia, tourism scamming - the lot - Zanzibar was a sight to behold. Famous for all it's exotic beaches, it was the instant friendship with local children that was particularly overwhelming. With so few possessions, but so large a smile.

An island perfect for any Modern Journeyman's diving, surfing, cycling (even on the sandy beaches!) and relaxation needs, the East coast provided much more excitement than any of the typical tourism hot spots of Zanzibar. Do keep in mind at all times though, the sea tides can reach up to a maximum length of 1.2 miles (2 kilometres) and this should be considered very dangerous; suchlike extremities are more than evident beneath the Insta-famous Zanzibar Rock Restaurant. Standing amongst the special colours of all the eroded beach rocks, sea water and surrounding trees, the Grape Purple Delta Anchor Silver and Braided Leather Bracelet did it's utmost to complement, whilst the Faris Square Midi Wayfarer Silver Bangle continued to be an ever-essential Grand Tour accessory. A restaurant accessible by boat when the tide is high, Zanzibar is a true recommendation.

On Tour Meeting The Tanzanian Locals
Discovering The Lion Prides of Tanzania
Tanzanian Safari Travels
Anchor And Crew Leather And Silver Bracelet Travels

Next venturing the Serengeti National Park and towards the Ngorongoro Crater, such land areas had never been explored by any Europeans until the late 1800s. An air of mystery and wonderlust of the vast landscapes were both ever present as the endless Serengeti plains kept on being, well, endless! Boasting plentiful supplies of biodiversity and an abundance of wildlife, the travelled paths went through areas with the densest populations of lions in the world, not to mention the bush elephants, buffalo and cheetahs. The Ngorongoro Crater in particular gave the experience of meeting hartebeasts (African antelopes), spotted hyenas and jackals. Touring with Oltumuture Tours and Safari, such an operator is very local and ethically managed, so well worth a shout-out recommendation.

Exploring Zanzibar Of Tanzania

The Kenyan Savannah. A Safari Mecca

Continuing the theme of safaris - as you'd might have guessed - into Tanzania's neighbouring country, Kenya's communities and wildlife were all very spectacular. Wanting to contribute to the local communities via the Naboisho Conservancy, an education about all the animal species, national parks and conservancies' work was all included. Able to capture extremely intimate moments with the wildlife given a conservancy's strict monitoring of any inbound tourism, having alone time with the animals was the Grand Tour's most magical highlight. A solitary female cheetah with her cubs, it is so unfortunate that they have a 1 in 6 survival rate given the competition for food between lions and hyenas. The Circle of Life, we guess.

Kenyan Cheetah Family With Cubs

Barely 10 Degrees Celsius at night, the Naboisho Conservancy's campsite was full of animal-related noises, but don't be too scared, a lion's roar can be heard up to 8 miles away and so their proximity is largely unknown. Safety first though. Insane landscapes with even better sunsets and night skies, do you notice the hyena stalking it's prey?

Kenyan Animals Preying At Sunset

Beyond all the widlife and everything that nature has to give, a local primary school provided a healthy amount of feel-good factor. Even there, the locals were super-excited by 2018's Football World Cup and so the question remains: did we infact witness a future football star amongst the playground? Only time will tell. A return home via Belgium's Tomorrowland extended the Grand Tour's magic, and as mentioned at the beginning of this documentary, the festival's slogan of 'Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever' really could not be more appropriate.

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Giving Back To Kenyan Communities
Getting Close And Personal With The Animals

Private Moments With The Animals