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Smart-Casual, Casual & Smart. Less Is More, More Or Less

As worn by Fashion For Lunch: “So often nautical themed jewellery can look a little cutesy and girly, but ANCHOR & CREW is different, as it is a unisex brand. The ropes and knots are nice and chunky and the shapes of the anchors, wheels and detailing is strong and simple. I really love the clever use of the anchors, pulleys and knots to fasten the jewellery and the authentic feel of the ropes. Each piece is handmade in the UK and the craftsmanship involved is beautiful.”

As worn by The Everyday Man: “Looking like being one of the must accessories for men this year.”

As worn by Jordan Bunker: “Both casual and formal options, I really liked their silver bangles...wearing it at LCM and then days where I’m just wearing a plain t-shirt and denim jeans and it gives my outfit a little extra.”

As worn by Ropes of Holland: “Some beautiful pieces of jewellery that I have also not really taken ANCHOR & CREW, a nautical inspired jewellery brand that works with rope detailing and metals. I'm obsessed with mine and I'm quite sure I need another colour!”

Fashion For Lunch Wearing Anchor And Crew
Fashion For Lunch
The Everyday Man Wearing Anchor And Crew
The Everyday Man
Jordan Bunker Wearing Anchor And Crew
Jordan Bunker
Ropes of Holland Wearing Anchor And Crew
Ropes of Holland

As worn by The Modern Otter: “All of their accessories are made in Great Britain in small batches. You can talk directly with the team and see exactly how everything is made. It's just cool and real and authentic...”

As worn by The Sartorial Scout: “Cultivating a large following...ANCHOR & CREW is redefining the jewellery genre with a range bolstered by innovative designs, reputable craftsmanship and meticulous quality.”

As worn by The Simple Child: “Need some new accessories for Spring and Summer? Check out ANCHOR & CREW for nautical inspired accessories. I’m shore you’ll be impressed. See what I did there? What better feeling than buying something new and feeling like you’ve had it forever. I’m all about the lived-in look.”

As worn by Liam Pitts: “ANCHOR & CREW is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit – especially in the summer. A great range of bracelets that incorporates rope and chains to reflect the ideology of the brand.”

The Modern Otter Wearing Anchor And Crew
The Modern Otter
Sartorial Scout Wearing Anchor And Crew
Sartorial Scout
The Simple Child Wearing Anchor And Crew
The Simple Child
Liam Pitts Wearing Anchor And Crew
Liam Pitts

As worn by Edita of Pret-A-Reporter: “...What I especially like about this necklace is its dark oxidised finish. It makes it look all the more nautical and somewhat poetic. As if it was lost at sea for centuries and resurfaced just yesterday. Perhaps it was me who found it in the sands on a sea shore? Or maybe it found me...”

As worn by Fresh & Fearless: “The bangle was everything I wanted it to be, after searching for ages to find 'the one', I'm so glad I went ahead and got it from ANCHOR & CREW. I've already received so many compliments about it.”

As worn by Overdressed and Underprepared: “Heritage is something I will always appreciate and ANCHOR & CREW has it by the bucket load…I enjoy what [my bracelet] adds to my style and how it compliments my watches.”

As worn by The Lady Hunter: “Its important to wear jewellery that has had a lot of care put into every detail”

Pret A Porter Wearing Anchor And Crew
Pret A Porter
Fresh and Fearless Wearing Anchor And Crew
Fresh and Fearless
Overdressed and Underprepared Wearing Anchor And Crew
O + U
The Lady Hunter Wearing Anchor And Crew
The Lady Hunter