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The Inspiration Of ANCHOR & CREW

Did you know that Great Britain was one of the founders of the industrial world? As we explore in detail while discussing the ANCHOR & CREW story, close to our hearts is the fact that it is the East and West Midlands of Great Britain that have long been acknowledged as the epicentre of such innovation and revolutionary factory systems. Despite this, the nation is seeing it's focus shift towards the services sector in recent times amd away from our long history of manufacturing. Industry has evolved since the Industrial Revolution, of course, but should we accept this move away from the British Isles? Believing in the glory of industry, the excellence of craftsmanship, the innovation in manufacturing and the investment in skill, ANCHOR & CREW is inspired by so many places across the British Isles, be them industrial, edgy and urban, or happy, colourful and summery. Discover our collection's roots...

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