One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted x Anchor And Crew Silver and Rope Special Edition Charity Bracelet

Anchor And Crew x One Tree Planted Special Edition Charity Bracelet Collaboration
One Tree Planted In Focus

One Tree Planted are an environmental charity, dedicated to fighting climate change and protecting biodiversity via reforestation efforts. Trees help to clean the air that we breathe, filter the water that we drink, and provide essential habitats to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity; they are the key ingredients in 25% of all global medicines. With a simple mission of planting more trees around the world, One Tree Planted use local communities to achieve such a mammoth task.

Trees are like the vacuums of our planet, whereby their leaves and bark absorb harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen. Essentially carbon sinks, trees massively reduce the effects of climate change. Equally so, a tree's role in capturing rainwater prevents many natural disasters such as flooding, with their roots, too, acting like filters to reduce the absoprtion of water into the ground.

Did you know that a single tree can easily be home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals and plants, and without trees, the world's biodiversity simply would not exist? In parallel to the existence of such wildlife, a tree's ability to moderate the earth's temperatures allows us humans to live safely in the cities that we do. Beyond all things natural and great, the simple premise of us existing in tree-abundance makes us happier - it's scientifically proven. A tree's abilty to help us feel less stressed or anxious is equal to their input into our daily lives, with timber used for shelter, food and jobs.

Tree's are fundamentally essential to our existence, and ANCHOR & CREW are proud to support One Tree Planted by donating 10% of all profits made from this collection. Comprised of our fan's favourite Talbot silver and rope bracelet, express your style and charitable conscience with a quality accessory, In Quality We Trust.